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TrueCar Inc. is an automotive pricing and information website which dedicated to being the most transparent brand in providing the pricing information for new and used car buyers and dealers. TrueCar shows you what others paid for the car so that you can realize what the actual price information is. You can receive the upfront pricing information when you connect with the TrueCar Certified Dealers which can enhance your buying experiences. The TrueCar operates under car-buying programs for beyond 500 companies that include top brands in the United States of America as well as in the world like American Express, USAA and AARP.

TrueCar reports that more than two million cars have purchased from the company through the TrueCar dealers and it includes the network of 14,000 automobile dealers in the United States of America.
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TrueCar's massive up-to-the minute database of selling prices runs on Apache Hadoop owing to its an example of big data at the petabyte level. If you want to recognize the actual pricing and information relevant to new and used cars, you can go to the online website of TrueCar i.e.


 TrueCar's Origination and Developments


Initially, TrueCar was originally incorporated under the name of Inc. which was the primarily business based on auto-buying programs. The was incubated the concepts of pricing confidence information and launched a separate company that is In an attempt to enhance the services of, the TrueCar continuously focused on involving the collection of data from various number of sources to provide you a valid information about updated vehicle prices. Finally, the both entitles of and websites combined and form a TrueCar Inc. organization. 

Based on its work, the company ranked as 11th position on the L. A Business annual list of 100 fast growing private companies in the Los Angeles. In Late 2011, TrueCar launched a television advertising compaign in order to promote its services commercially. Shortly, the TrueCar backlashed from the automotive industry owing to its practices were noncomplaint with some state laws. Based on this state laws, the company decided to overhaul its pricing structure and it had changed its concept of pay-per-sale model to a subscription model for dealers. In 2013, the TrueCar sold about 400,000 vehicles and more than 610,000 new and used vehicles purchased from the TrueCar certified dealerships in 2015.


TrueCar's Price Transparency

If you are already registered your account on TrueCar, you will be able to get access more than 13,000 certified dealers who are committed to price transparency and upfront pricing. You can also check the TrueCar's mobile check tool which provides you to realize the upfront pricing on new cars available at the certified dealers. You can get started the TrueCar for experiencing the ultimate upfront pricing transparency. In addition to buy a new car from TrueCar, you can see what others paid for new or used cars through the TrueCar's data where you can become an expert in 60 seconds based on the assessment of collected millions of transactions across the nationwide. 

So that, you can understand the pricing information and ability to compare the pricing information before getting a dealership with TrueCar. You can receive guaranteed savings on more than 1 million in-stock vehicles nationwide when you are the registered member of TrueCar only. If not, you can't get the guaranteed savings. Because, the company certified dealers will search for inventory to find a vehicle in accordance with your preferences. This process has been done when you have registered in TrueCar's official website.

TrueCar certified dealers provide you the excellent savings which are varied according to the multiple factors based on your vehicle selection region, dealer and type of vehicle and much more. Each dealer sets their own pricing on TrueCar which is applicable by using the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Here, you need to make a note that the TrueCar doesn't sell or lease the motor vehicles and the actual price of your buying car is negotiated between you and dealer of the TrueCar.

You can buy used cars from the TrueCar online and the company has an extensive used car inventory of maximum count 840,000. While shop on TrueCar, you can get more buying experience and high pricing confidence using the provided information wherein you can view the pricing list that includes the millions of truecar used cars locally and nationwide to assess whether the prices are good or reasonable. You can choose your desired type of car because the TrueCar offers you various types such as popular Sedans, popular SUVs, popular minivans and pickup trucks, crossovers, etc. In Sedans, you can find BMW 3 series, BMW 5 series, Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Cruze. When it comes to SUVs, you can see the Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Suburban, Jeep wrangler, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Chevrolet Tahoe. For pickup trucks category, the company offers you Chevrolet Silverado 1500, GMC Sierra 1500, Ford F-150, Ford F-250 Super Duty and Dodge Ram Pickup 1500.


New Car Dealer Pricing at TrueCar


If you want to get a great and good price for new car buying or you are desired to free from headaches and hassles from the buying a new car, you can choose the best option as TrueCar. Because, it provides you tools which gives you a hassle-free buying experience on TrueCar online from local dealers in your area. The dealers of TrueCar often quote you a price for nearly identical vehicles and the prices will be vary from one vehicle to another. 

Truecar certified dealers in the network that will provide you hassle-free buying with guaranteed savings for the vehicle which you have chosen make and model. These dealers can provides you upfront and VIN-based offers also for available vehicles at local dealership. In order to get a great and good price on a new car, you can utilize and assess the market information of TrueCar in which you can easily get the prices and compare them for realization of new car pricing dealership. From your local area, you can find dealers according to your preferred state also such as Alaska, Maryland, Indiana, California, Colorado, North Carolina, New Mexico, New Jersey, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, etc.


Lease a Car at TrueCar


Using TrueCar, you can utilize the concept of leasing a car very efficiently due to the company provides you more than 13,000 dealers and transparent pricing to get the confidence. After making dealings with the certified dealers of TrueCar, you can get the guaranteed savings without any fail. With the guaranteed savings, you can perform low monthly payment and no hassle buying experience. If you want to lease a car at TrueCar, you can get all benefits like certified dealers and guaranteed savings. The company offers you savings of $3,106 based on TrueCar certified dealer network and these are translated into substantially lower payments. For lease a car at TrueCar, the company has various types that subsume 2017 Nissan Altima, 2017 Honda Civic Sedan, 2017 Honda Accord Sedan, 2017 Ford Fusion, 2017 Toyota Camry, 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2017 BMW Series, 2017 Ford 150, 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan and much more.


TrueCar Trade

Besides TrueCar leasing and buying operations, the company continuously tries to provide the efficient and effective services to you that means you need not to face any hassles while buying or leasing a car at TrueCar's trade. Because, it is real time and mobile in which the company is able to generate vehicle valuations within couple of seconds at any time, any where and any device in the lane or showroom or website. 

The TrueCar has 17 digit accurate where the company allows dynamic options like mileage and condition adjustments that enable the most transparent and accurate valuation in the brand. Through the provided prices at TrueCar, you can keep what you want and sell what you do not want by using the 48-hour remarketing guarantee. TrueCar Trade offers you to visit the consumer inventory directly which is combined with intelligent and lead routing so that you can select right vehicle with an efficient cost at TrueCar Trade. In this way, the TrueCar maintains the optimized profit.


   TrueCar's Privacy Policy


The Privacy note which is an agreement between consumers and company that applies to the website or mobile application or its subsidaries and affiliates. The privacy note of TrueCar doesn't applicable for third parties who anonymized and aggregated the data to contact you. The TrueCar usually collects the information from you or your devices while you visiting a site from the mobile or laptop or PC. 

The company collects the information from when you use the mobile application or TrueCar's services, registration of your account at TrueCar, communicate with the company when you provide feedback, ask for additional information or request support and accessing the content of TrueCar like newsletters and alerts etc. The TrueCar company may collect your address that include home and email, your first name and last name, zip code, telephone number, automobile's authentication number, license plate number and much more to assess your information for company developments.

You may use social media networks or other online sites to access the information about TrueCar and you may agree to terms and conditions of social media network or online site so that they retain your information. The company can access your account or profile information to know your interaction with the TrueCar. The TruCar automatically collect your information when you visit the websites or mobile applications such as your IP address, your OS that you have used while accessing the services of TrueCar, type of browser, pages you visited, vehicles you view or configure, information relevant to internet service provider. Along with these, the TrueCar company may collect your activities on their sites through cookies, GIFs or web beacons, other identifiers, flash cookies and other technologies or methodologies.

 These technologies collectively called as metric tools. Sometimes, the company may allow to access your information through the metric tools for third party companies to share with the TrueCar. The company may utilize the email information that you have linked with the TrueCar for further improvements. The TrueCar may access your geolocation and session information of your mobile device based on internet or GPS system.

The collected information from online websites or mobile devices by TrueCar can be used for numerous advantages that include operation and support of TrueCar's website, improving and evolving the services, advertising and promotions, allow to connect with dealers, etc. The company may analyze and assess your visited online website information to manage or support your account when you use your account in TrueCar. The TrueCar company focuses on optimization of your website use and mobile devices. Based on the collected information from your visits on online website or mobile devices, the company always evolved new products or services to you with the steep improvements in the company's website or mobile application. 

Yours contact information may share with limited automobile dealers so that you can allow you to contact with the certified dealers of TrueCar. These dealers may offer you certified savings on your buying car whether it is new or used car and other products or services. Through the accessing of your content, the company used to customize your information, advertising, promotions and incentives that reflect your preferences or prior interactions with the TrueCar. The company only shares the information unless you consent to other sharing and it shares your information in the following ways such as partner sites, Affiliates of corporate companies, promotional, business transfers, service providers, automobile dealers and manufacturers.

While using the TrueCar's website or truecar app, you can limit your information which may not allow to use all features of the company's website. For example, if you limit the accessing of information of TrueCar through your social media account, you may restrict to utilize the services of third parties by alerting your privacy setting to the providers of third party companies. You can use the cookies to limit the accessing of your information through online websites or mobile devices. Because, your mobile has privacy settings to prevent the geolocation information with the company. In order to protect your personal information, the TrueCar uses administrative, physical security and safeguard technologies and the company can't give the guarantee security. If you notice the unauthorized accessing of your information, you just send the mail to TrueCar.